Hield Furnishing



Innovative Fabrics

Our products are made from the finest raw materials available. The high-quality wool used by the company is ideal for furnishing fabrics, combining coolness and absorbency with inherent fire retardancy and good abrasion strength. Contract fabrics meet the high specification standards demanded by heavy wear applications in the fields of transport, commercial buildings and leisure. For residential interiors, Hield produces a wide range of colourful jacquard fabrics, which can feature up to 28" (72cm) wide repeats.

Innovation also extends to fabric finishing where Hield specialise in a wide range of fabric finishes from a crisp dry appearance to a high lustre sheen, according to customer requirements. The production unit features fully computerised warp preparation machinery and electronically-controlled Dobby and Jacquard looms operating at high speeds.

Patron of Wool